Eldarin Farwarn

Adventurer, whose journal was discovered by the party in the Shadowgate.

Eldarin's journal appeared to chronicle events from about 20 years ago. Eldarin was a cleric of Vecna who had found out that a drow priestess named Vlondril had been imprisoned at Crystal Falls. This Vlondril had apparently tried to assassinate the high-priestess of Lolth and failed, but was imprisoned rather than simply killed outright because Lolth herself forbade Vlondril's execution. Eldarin and his partner Russern decided to go find Vlondril's prison, but were caught in a whirlpool of some sort and ended up in a cave inhabited by some race of fungus creatures, who treated Eldarin and Russern kindly, and another race of flying fungus creatures which he called the meh-goh.

The journal seems to have some incorrect information, for it mentioned that Vlondril was imprisoned in a tower with a small retinue of guards. However, once the party reached Crystal Falls, there was no tower and no retinue of guards--just two powerful stone golems.