Cirrus was a male human wizard, who became a disciple of the Ice Witches. He gave his life saving the party from the red dragon Meshtovarus.

He sometimes kept a journal of his adventures.

Played by Matt.

Matt's background written for Ciris:

Ciris (pronounced like the clouds) comes from Galen's Ford, a village that lies in a region of the Everlands at the intersection of several petty kingdoms and baronies, so named because of the local river crossing - as such, it has been fought over time and time again, at times controlled by one or another of the local magnates, sometimes by no one at all. Soldiers and mercenaries of all types have been stationed there, or have pillaged and raided there during one of the numerous conflicts. Some were better behaved than others, but it is often said that in Galen's Ford a man can only be sure of who his mother is - many a child has been born nine months after a war or raid with features very different from the man he or she calls Father.

The man who raised Ciris (whether blood father or not) worked as a brewer in Galen's Ford - the more or less constant presence of armies and mercenary bands meant that his family never went hungry, but like most residents of the village they suffered humiliation or worse at times at the hands of the arrogant soldiers and nobles. Ciris saw friends and family experience this, and sometimes experienced it himself, and he learned two lessons from it.

First, it didnt seem to matter who was in charge - they all wanted the same thing, and the people of Galen's Ford basically got treated the same way no matter who controlled the village at any given time. Thus, he has little respect for authority, although he knows when to keep his head down and his mouth shut.

Second, it became very clear to him that it is better to be the one with the power than the one without it. This has become a driving force in his life - to be powerful enough to not get pushed around or worse. In watching the various armies and mercenary groups that passed through Galen's Ford, he decided that although the big men with the swords were the ones who looked powerful, it was the arcane mages who had the real power. A sword is a tool (often a good one) for dealing with reality, but the ability to change reality that is true power.

He therefore spent what time he could with any mage who came to Galen's Ford - most considered him a nuisance, but there were a few who took the time to teach him a little of their craft, and thus he was able to develop some basic abilities as a wizard. Because of the nature of his teachers, he learned more about combat-focused wizardry than anything else, but he knows there is much more to the arcane arts and wants to expand his powers into other areas.

All of his experience has made him outwardly (and inwardly to an extent) cynical and selfish - he tends to look for the benefit to himself in any situation. But his parents were basically good people and he was generally a good child when he was younger, and every once in a while, Ciris feels the need to Do The Right Thing. It doesn't happen often, and when it does he may not consciously realize it, and he will certainly justify his actions (to himself and others) with some non-altruistic motive, but that aspect of his personality is still there. Whether it will begin to surface more often, or whether his baser nature will win out, will depend on what he experiences in the wider world.